Karen O’Connor

My personal approach to Psychotherapy is grounded in an Integrative and Humanistic framework. I draw on Psychodynamic Theory and on Attachment Theory, however I am also greatly influenced by the Person Centered model. I can be contacted on 086-8934867.

Psychosynthesis has been described as the Psychology of Hope and its focus is on the integration of self and the fulfilment of potential. This guides my approach in the therapeutic space and my interventions are delivered in a Holistic way, being mindful to deal with the whole person.

I also invite my clients to use expressive art mediums such as paints, clay work, expressive writing and collage, music and also the physical body to assist clients in their authentic self expression when It is appropriate and a client is open to it. It facilitates a way of expression that is a gentle yet powerful way of accessing the unconscious inner voice and can support self awareness, emotional healing and soul connection.

I believe ultimately that the client is the in the driving seat of their own lives and therefore help my clients to foster a feeling of empowerment and self direction in the work; I believe each of us instinctively knows what is right for us, and fundamentally knows our own truths and I encourage clients confidence in their ability to become self aware; building tolerance for self and self knowledge.
Self awareness is at the heart of my practice and I believe that coming to an awareness and acceptance of the whole of the self is the power that drives healing and change.

I look to the past to determine the clients developmental environment and early learning, I look to the present to determine the current emotional, social and behavioural difficulties that are at play in the clients daily life, and I look to the future to help the client identify the potential that can be achieved and the vision of possibility that is within their power to conceptualise.

I work with clients to build an alliance where the goals of therapy are achieved together, developing a shared interest in the client and their world, holding an attitude of respect and curiosity about the theatre of their life and the unique narrative of their thoughts, feelings and actions.

I can be contacted on 086-8934867.